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MyMortgage is the UAE’s leading Mortgage Consultancy, providing a hassle-free, seamless, and transparent process. We can help you with a mortgage for a new property, a buyout / refinance, Equity Release on an existing property, or handover payments for near-completion projects.

MyMortgage supports the ambitions of both employed and self-employed individuals, taking care of the worries associated with owning property, such as high-interest rates and other limitations that come in the way of realizing your dreams.

What is Equity Release?

When someone borrows against the value of their existing property, Its termed as Equity Release. Your property acts as collateral. These funds can be used for any purpose and the interest payable is charged at mortgage rates.

How will Equity Release help me

Equity Release comes with benefit of low interest rates payable over a long period of time. This is a faculty available to both citizens and expats.

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Tailor-made solutions for both handover and near handover payments.


Access to the best financial institutions in the UAE with the best interest rates.


Dedicated team of specialists renowned for their personal touch.


Our top priority is to meet your needs.

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